Hants County Legion Branch 009

Windsor, Nova Scotia

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Sunday 24 September 2023, 07:00pm
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Warm-ups 7:25pm

Regular games 7:45pm



  1. All Children must be at least 10 years old, seated and playing a door book to be present.
  2. All Bingo players must have a minimum $5.00 Door Book in order to play.
  3. Prize money must be verified at the time of receipt by the winner(s).
  4. No ball is official, until called by Caller.
  5. The Bingo Caller and the Floor Checkers will not play Bingo. Early Card Sellers may stay and play Bingo.
  6. The manner in which all games are played, will be announced by the caller and displayed on flash boards.
  7. All prizes except building prizes will be paid in cash. Building prizes will be paid by cheque. If we have a small crowd, we may have to pay some jackpots by cheque.
  8. If a Bingo is cancelled, it will be announced on social media & website.
  9. The Executive Director of the AGA will be notified as soon as possible of the cancelled Bingo.
  10. All prizes will be split evenly. Minimum prize on all book games will be $20.00.
  11. Cookie-Jar – You must stop play ON the Cookie Jar number to claim the Cookie-Jar.


Storm Bingo

When necessary due to snow or freezing rain between November 1 and April 30.

The prize structure for a Storm Bingo would be based on attendance ie:

Between 50 – 69 people all games would be 50% of Regular prizes;
70 – 89 people, 75% of Regular prizes;
90 people and over, Regular prize structure would be in play.


Regular Games -             $75.00

Sputnik -                        $250.00

Full Card -                     $500.00

Specials -                        $50.00


Regular Games -            $112.00

Sputnik -                        $375.00

Full Card -                     $750.00

Specials -                        $75.00