Royal Canadian Legion Branch 09

Windsor, Nova Scotia


Windsor Legion Dauber Bingo House Rules
  1. Anyone under the age of 10 is prohibited from entering the Bingo Hall.
  2. All Bingo players must have a Door Card in order to win.
  3. One chair only per Bingo player.
  4. Prize money must be verified at the time of receipt by the winner(s).
  5. We will not be responsible for items left behind by players on completion of Bingo.
  6. No ball is official, until called by Caller.
  7. The Bingo Caller and the Floor Checkers will not play Bingo. Early Card Sellers may stay and play  Bingo.
  8. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Bingo Hall.
  9. All prizes will be split evenly. Minimum prize on all book games will be $20.00
  10. Cookie-Jar. You must stop play on the cookie jar number to claim the Jookie-Jar prize.
   By Order - The Bingo Committee